Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching up

Now I know that I have been MIA for quite some time now, but I have been quite sick, so please go ahead and forgive me :) I am slowly getting better and able to produce some more items in my sewing zone which I am dying to share with you. I made this cover for my plain old A4 lecture note book, and I have to say I really like it! I absolutely adore bunting and this was so easy to make, I will be making more.                            

Calico + scraps + ric rac = no more boring book covers. I also made myself a school tote and pencilcase, so I will be nerding it up in handmade goodness on campus this year! I'm thinking of whipping up some of these for my Etsy shop - doesn't everyone love bunting? New in my shop are some kids bucket hats and knotted fabric necklaces which have identical twins on parade on my kids this week. I had my first attempt at making a skirt this week. It was for my beautiful girl who is 18 months old and had never actually worn a skirt before. She liked it, and she calls it her "nert"
I love the funny things kids say - what crackers have you heard lately?
Here she is with her fat little belly all over her 'nert'. The inside has several raw edge hems which I just can't seem to master the art of - Does anyone have some tips for finishing raw hem edges without a serger? I'm content with the outside though, so it is at least wearable!  The great upside to being sick is that when you don't go out, you don't spend money on trainfares, drinks, lunches and the likes. I found myself with some extra spending money this month just to spend frivolously - how exciting! I decided to step outside of my usual square in which I spend money on fabric, ribbons and jewellery - I bought some home decos. I searched my Etsy favourites pages for hours and eventually decided on this beautiful print from TidbitsStudio
Isn't it just too sweet? I can't wait to receive the parcel and then have to decide where on our rapidly filling walls to hang it....? I also purchased this divine pair of handcrafted polymer clay birds from EttyonEtsy, they are made by an Israeli lady who does spectacular work. I will possibly end up buying more sets of different birds, but these ones caught my eye because the inscriptions read "my" and "soul" in Hebrew. I just couldn't pass them by! (Now in a moment of honesty before I go, I also bought more fabric, but more on that another time!) I hope you are all keeping better than I have been and keep on keeping on :) 

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