Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have a blog?

Can you believe I actually forgot I started a blog? I have been so busy with my uni assignments all year, I forgot I had resolved to keep a blog! So what else have I been doing all this time? I  did end up making the hip hop quilt, but wasn't happy with the final shape so it is now hanging above my desk. I have also discovered a love for making stuffed toys - the Mrs. Perkins giraffe by melly and me is my absolute favourite. I have to say though the item I'm in love with at the moment is my new doona cover. the fabric is from a collection called Mermaid Garden from Spotlight. It was an exclusive line which is now gone, I really wish I had have bought more to stash :( Also, the  doona cover did have more yo-yo flowers attached but my darling daughter wrenches them off! I still love it though. It is the first bed cover hubby and I have had which wasn't plain. Anyways, now that I have remembered that I actually have a blog I have resolved to update regularly :)

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