Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Projects

This week I have completed a few short projects for items which are in my Etsy shop. A trio of Christmas hotpads, a set of coordinating headbands and a set of napkin rings with purple yo-yo flowers. (So cute!) It was extremely painful to explain to my sixteen year old stepson what napkin rings are as the only type of napkin he has ever seen is a paper one from KFC/ Macca's and he didn't understand why it needed a ring! Anyway, here are the photos. On a different subject, hubby and I had our first night alone in three years last night!!! The afore-mentioned stepson is spending the weekend at his mum's and our two little ones slept over at my fantastic mum's house. Pasha is nearly three and has stayed over many times, but Lorna is only 18 months and tends to be super clingy at bed time so we were a bit wary. The whole night I was expecting a knock on the door, to have her handed back to me. However, she was a good girl for Grandma and had a great time. Hubby and I went out for dinner and then watched a movie at home. It was so nice to fall asleep on the couch together with no kids!! Then in the morning he let me sleep in while he cleaned up the house, so I am super grateful to both my mum and my husband. I am really hopeful that the kids will now be able to stay over a little more often, even once every month would be awesome. Anyway, I have achieved zero in the way of sewing today, so I had better get stuck into it!!!

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