Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous son!!!

My darling boy is three today. It is the first birthday which he has been mature enough to understand that it is coming and to ask for things which he wants. For the past few weeks he has asked repeatedly for a scooter and a Woody (from Toy Story) so that is exactly what he got! (Along with a few other things, mostly Toy Story themed of course) he was so excited about his presents today and told his Grandma all about them on the phone, it was really cute to see how grown-up he is :) Also in big news.... I got my Uni results for this semester. I got two credits and two distinctions so I am super pleased with that. It was a nice pick-me-up from the blaaahhh of this week. It has been so hot, I haven't had the motivation to do anything. But tomorrow is a new day which is forecast as cooler, so I have my fingers crossed for an active day!!

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